Episode 136: How Dr. Josel Went From Uncertainty to Selling Out Her High-Ticket Coaching Retreat

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Today’s episode is another segment of the podcast series featuring DCS clients and sharing their stories and experiences that led them to a career in doctor coaching.

My guest today is Dr. Josel, a double board-certified physician whose passion for medicine started at birth. After beating the odds as a premature baby, Dr. Josel understood her calling and purpose was to be a neonatologist.

Dr. Josel has overcome many obstacles in her career. We discuss the impact of racism and imposter syndrome on her journey and how her confidence overcame challenges and insecurities.

Dr. Josel shares how the supportive environment of DCS, being in a room of women who looked like her and were just as busy as her, encouraged her to step into the role of a doctor coach and grow as a business owner. The moment she sought coaching, her beliefs shifted, and a winning strategy was revealed, leading to the successful sale of her retreat.

I love coaching Dr. Josel, and I look forward to getting to know her better and sharing her successes in The Doctor Coach School with all of you.


Josel Doyle, MD, is a double, board-certified neonatologist and pediatrician.
She is a physician-entrepreneur, transformation coach, and inspirational speaker, and she is also the primary caregiver for her parents.

She is the CEO and Founder of JAAD’s Purpose, which focuses on philanthropy and provides a consulting service for neonatal care. She is driven to help other single, God-driven professional females who desire to build a life of health, wealth, and legacy using hydration. She achieves this by assisting them to build online businesses through attraction marketing while showing up as their most authentic, unapologetic selves.

Dr. Doyle is a transformational physician coach who helps people-pleasing
female physicians overcome burnout to live their bucket list goals with renewed Joy and fulfillment using her Intentional GRACE MD.

Dr. Doyle is an award-winning Neonatologist selected as a Top Neonatal Perinatal Physician in 2023. She was also inducted as an Honored Member of Continental Who's Who in recognition of excellence. She is among the top professionals and executives who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and achievements in their occupations, industries, or professions. Her speaking has been highlighted in several reputable publications including FOX, NBC, ABC, and CBS.

You can interact with her on Instagram: @josel.doyle or on Facebook: DrJosel Doyle.